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Zimbabwe’s Mugabe leaves for routine medical check-up in Singapore

By on May 9, 2017

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has left the country for medical checks in Singapore, the government said in a statement, about two months after his previous such trip to the south Asian nation.

Aged 93, Mugabe’s health is a hot topic ahead of a presidential election scheduled for next year that he is due to contest.

According to The Herald, Mugabe was expected back in the country at the weekend “in time for the burial of national hero, Retired Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku”, who died in South Africa last week.

Mugabe now struggles to walk, with security aides forming a human shield around him in public, often making it difficult for reporters to film or take pictures of him.

Last week at a World Economic Forum Summit in South Africa, Mugabe sat slumped in his chair, wringing his hands, as he told a panel discussion in a low murmur that his country was not a “fragile state”.

“Zimbabwe is the most highly developed country in Africa. After South Africa, I want to see another country as highly developed,” Mugabe was quoted as saying at the time.

Critics say his infirmities make him unfit to hold office but he continues to exercise tight control over his ZANU-PF party.

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