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Two new cases of Ebola in Guinea

By on March 18, 2016

Two people have tested positive for Ebola in Guinea, the government said on Thursday.

Four people were tested and two of them were found to have Ebola, a government agency spokesman said. They were all from Korokpara, a village where three people from the same family have died in the past few weeks from diarrhea and vomiting.

“All of the sick people have been taken to the Nzerekore treatment centre,” the National Coordination of the Fight against Ebola in Guinea’s Fode Tass Sylla said.

The WHO did warn on Thursday however that Ebola could resurface at any time.

Government spokesman, Damantang Albert Camara, said: “Vaccines have been taken to the zone to avoid new infections. The area has been locked down.”

“Strong surveillance and emergency response capacity need to be maintained, along with rigorous hygiene practices at home and in health facilities and active community participation,” WHO said in a statement released earlier on Thursday.

The WHO had announced Sierra Leone has had no new cases of the virus for 42 days, twice the length of the virus’s incubation period – the time that elapses between transmission of the disease and the appearance of symptoms.

Sierra Leone was first declared free of Ebola transmissions in November before tests revealed one woman had died of the disease in January, the same week that the WHO had declared the region free of new transmissions of the virus.

The case of Mariatu Jalloh displayed how easily Ebola can return if precautions are not taken and patients do not seek quick medical attention.

Ebola epidemic is believed to have started in Guinea and killed about 2,500 people by December last year.

More than 11,300 people have died since the outbreak began in 2013, mostly in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

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