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An attack on an airbase in Libya kill at least 140

By on May 20, 2017

Reports suggest as many as 140 people, including civilians, may have died in an attackon an airbase in Libya.
The government-allied militia tried to take over the Brak al-Shati base on Thursday.

The prime minister’s office has denied ordering the attack.
A militia spokesman said they had “liberated the base and destroyed all the forces inside”.
The town’s mayor said some aircraft had been set ablaze.
Most of the dead were soldiers of the self-proclaimed Libyan National Army (LNA), an alliance in the east of the country which does not recognise the government in the capital, Tripoli. That force has been in control of the airbase since December.
Its spokesman gave the new death toll of 140.
“The soldiers were returning from a military parade. They weren’t armed. Most of them were executed,” he said.
The UN’s envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, said he was “outraged” by reports of summary executions.

The Tripoli government has set up an investigative committee to present its findings to the prime minister within 15 days.

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