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A guru freed from the jail in Kinshasa

By on May 17, 2017

Gunmen from a Christian sect have stormed a prison in the Democratic Republicof Congo’s capital, freeing their leader and about 50 other inmates, a government spokesman says.
Shots were fired and vehicles torched as Ne Muanda Nsemi was freed from the jail in Kinshasa, witnesses said.

Police are suspected to have shot dead several prisoners, witnesses added.

“Followers of the Bundu Dia Kongo attacked Makala prison at dawn and broke out around 50 prisoners including their guru, Ne Muanda Nsemi,” government spokesman Lambert Mende said.

A major operation is underway in Kinshasa to recapture the prisoners.
He saw Red Cross officials loading the bodies of several prisoners into vehicles and and transporting them to the morgue.

Mr Nsemi is a self-styled prophet and the leader of an outlawed group seeking to revive the ancient Kongo kingdom.
He was arrested in Kinshasa, along with his three wives and son, in March following clashes between his supporters and police. The security forces accused him of inciting violence.

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