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Seychelles vice president Danny Faure to complete term of resigning president

By on September 29, 2016

The Seychelles vice president will complete the five-year term of resigning President James Michel, a statement from the state house said on Wednesday.

“I am leaving the Office of the President with a sense of mission accomplished. During these 12 years that you gave me the honour and privilege to lead our nation, I have completed my responsibility and my duty.”

Michel, whose party has ruled Seychelles since 1977 announced his resignation but it was initially unclear whether new elections would be held.

On Wednesday, State House issued a statement saying Vice-President Danny Faure would be sworn in on Oct 16 and finish Michel’s term.

Michel did not give a reason for his resignation, but it follows this month’s victory for the opposition coalition Linyon Demokratik (LDS) in parliamentary elections amid growing public frustration over economic inequality.

The resignation also comes 10 months into Michel’s third and final five-year term as president.

Vice president Danny Faure will assume office and be sworn on October 16 the day President Michel’s resignation takes effect.

Faure is expected to complete the four years that remain to be served on the president’s term.

The nation relies on tourism for revenues. But recently it has tried to promote itself as a financial services hub by offering a low-tax environment for companies registered on its territory.

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