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6 killed by the police in Cairo

By on July 17, 2015

Six supporters of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood were killed in clashes with police in Cairo on Friday, security sources said.
Friday’s clashes happened in Talbiya district, near the Giza pyramids, and Nahya, near Cairo.
Police also made 20 arrests in Egypt’s second city, Alexandria, state news agency Mena reported.

The violence erupted in several different locations in the Giza area, the sources said. A Health ministry official confirmed the deaths.

Supporters of the Brotherhood have faced a crackdown since mid-2013, with thousands jailed and hundreds, including Morsi, sentenced to death.Security forces then cracked down on Brotherhood supporters, killing hundreds in street protests and arresting thousands of others.
Top Brotherhood leaders were sentenced to death in mass trials.

Islamist lawyers close to the Brotherhood and Western diplomats say young members frustrated by imprisoned old guard leaders and what they call widespread repression are resorting to small-scale violence like homemade bombs.

The Muslim Brotherhood was banned for decades until the 2011 overthrow of Hosni Mubarak.
Their candidate Morsi won elections in 2012, but he lasted only a year in power before he was toppled by the military following popular protests.

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