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Resignation, membership or appeal! Mixed messages from Malema

By on March 5, 2012

By: Christine Petré

Last Wednesday Julius Malema was expelled from the African National Congress and given 14 days to appeal the ruling.

However, since then there have been mixed messages about the former youth leader’s tactic.

On 3 of March, Malema’s 31st birthday, Malema held a speech at a gathering of the ANC’s women’s wing and announced that he would not challenge the ANC in court.

But he remained firm that he had not done anything wrong. Instead Malema was trying to keep the membership of the ANC by saying, “If we made a mistake, discipline us. Don’t throw us in the dustbin” (South Africa’s Sunday Times quoted him).

Thus, the tactic was to not appeal but instead try to keep the ANC membership.

However, on 4 of March, the following day, the African National Congress Youth League gathered to discuss a strategy for the former Youth League president, whereby Malema’s deputy Ronald Lamola announced on 5 of March that Malema will appeal the expulsion.

On top of the indecisiveness, another tactic has been to resign. Malema has in the last couple of days been trying to voluntarily resign from the ANC Youth League, however, ANCYL has refused to accept his resignation.

So, resignation, membership or appeal, either way, the Malema circus continues.

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