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Ivory Coast, elections after 10 years of crisis

By on October 30, 2010

Richard Atem

The people of Ivory Coast will finally go to the pole on the 31st of October 2010 to elect their president who will lead them out of the actual situation of about 10 years of crisis.

Yesterday the 29th of October 2010 mark the official end of campaign all over the national territory latest by mid night . The streets of Abidjan were full  of  Supporters of Alassane  Outtara meanwhile Laurent Gbabo  also organized a grand meeting at the felix Houphouet  Biogny football stadium. These meetings according to the supporters of the two parties were to assure their various candidates of their votes on the 31st of October 2010.

A handicap to the elections amongst many other factors, will be the fact that most of the voter have not been able to collect their electoral cards meanwhile a host of other even though with their electoral card will not still be able to cast their vote because they are at the moment far from their voting stations and cannot make it up due to financial constraints.

Without doubt one could see from the faces of these supporters, the joy of finally been given the possibility to chose their president but at the same time a bit of doubt as to whether their candidate will be elected.

It is also important to note here that there is actually great tension in the country especially between the tree main parties {LMP,RDR, PDCI} since two days ago. The reciprocal pointing of fingers at the leaders to have been in one way or the other, the authors of the actual crisis the country is facing now.

Another great question frequently asked by the Ivoirians themselves at moment, is what will be the situation of the country after the 31st of October 2010? since the rebels leaders have decided to completely keep down their  arms if any and only if they will be satisfy with the elections.

A one week holiday has also been granted to schools all over the national territory, giving way to students and pupils stay closed to their families during this difficult moment the country is going to live on the 31st of October.

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