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Ivory Coast twin with Burkina Faso.

By on September 16, 2009

Mr. Blaise Compaoré, president of Burkina Faso is in Ivory Coast since the15th of September with his prime minister and nine others minister from his country for an extraordinary working session with his counterpart Mr.  Laurent Gbagbo, his prime minister and ten other minister of his cabinet. The three day meeting is aimed at looking for common solutions to problems facing both countries.

Some years back, Burkina Faso was accused by the Ivorian people to be a home for rebels from where the Ivorian civil was planed. This visit then mark a new beginning for friendship for the two countries and May also serves a lesson for other African countries to learn how to solve problem within them.

Mr Blaise Compaoré and entourage arrived the Yamoussoukro international Airport at about 11:45 am local time and were received at the airport by Laurent Gbagbo , Soro Guillaume and ten other ministers in an atmosphere of a feast with  traditional dances and songs from the Burkinabe community in Ivory Coast and others.

After a few minutes of confidential face to face dialogue between the two presidents at the airport presidential logged, they then joint the rest of their crows at the Houphouet Boigny foundation congress hall for the first ever meeting in Africa.  On the agenda is the idea of coming up a joint peaceful commission including members from both countries whose rule will be to maintain peace, security and promote development within the two countries.

Before the meeting, a minute of silence was observed in honors of those who died during the Ivorian Civil war. After the first meeting yesterday, both countries already came out with a document that will guide them to work hand in hand in the following for the common good of both countries; politics and diplomacy, Security, Road infrastructures, Agriculture, energy and mines, communication network, Tourism and Health. “There is no destiny without sharing” concluded Mr. compaoré.

Meanwhile some Ivorian are happy for the cooperation between the two countries, other have doubts if it is really time for such meetings. The expected first electoral list for election that was supposed to be published yesterday did not come out.  The fear is that these cooperation at this time may influence Compaoré who is the main mediator for peace in Ivory Coast may come out with a Communicates  to show that not all the electoral conditions have been fully fulfilled and therefore now election on the 29th of November?   That will be in favor of Gbagbo.


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