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First School of Journalism in Fontem

By on January 5, 2009

Three days’ seminar to improve on communication, internet and journalism in Lebialem. The first school of journalism in Fontem, Cameroon, took place from the 2 to the 5 of January 2009. The 20 participants included journalists, teachers, and students coming from Yaoundé and Douala and Menji Fontem. It was supervised by Riccardo Barlaam, journalist from Italy and Afutendem Lucas, lecturer in the University of Dschang.

The seminar was organised by LATS and Lebialem Community Radio (LRC), Menji, “the people’s voice”. We worked on different news agencies, primary and secondary sources of information, Journalism, democracy and different media. There were lectures and practical exercises. We focused also on the techniques of writing news, the styles, language, ethics and principles on journalism. We based our attenction on how to use internet, web journalism and the rules through which an interview ca be conducted. “To me it has been very enriching”, says Lucia Forlefac, an English teacher in GTHS Fontem. “My impressions are good”, said Andre Dongwou, Pastor of the Full gospel church. “For me – concluding Oliver Bisong, LCR radio reporter – it is a seminar to be organised again because of its importance”. “I wish that it continues”.

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